Saturday, June 9, 2012

Choose Who Gets Our Give It Forward Payment for June!

It's that time again, already, to choose who gets our Give It Forward payment for June.  It was actually time yesterday, but I was confused about what day of the month it was.  In order to give you ample time to vote for who gets the payment, I'll extend voting to midnight on the 16th.

For those of you who are new to our blog and thus new to Give It Forward, what we are doing is raising money to get Elvie home, but we are treating it like a loan and paying it all back to charities, plus 10% interest out of our own pockets.  The 10% is matched, making each donation grow by 20% to help others.  By donating, you help bring Elvie home and help people in need.

Right now we are making monthly payments of $200, just as if it were a loan, and adding our 10% through the matching gift website.  So when you vote for an organization, you are choosing who gets $240 through Give It Forward.  Here are this month's choices:

We've featured Ekisa before, and we feel so strongly about the work they do that we are bringing them back for another round.  Where Ekisa works in Uganda, there are very few resources for children with special needs, and Ekisa is working to fill that gap.  Disabled persons are often stigmatized in Uganda, so they are making what they do count doubly by caring for the children as well as employing disabled adults.  What they do is simply amazing.

Where Zinashi is from in Ethiopia, many of the people are illiterate and have no chance for an education.  That's why building schools is close to our hearts, and Tesfa is doing just that with their 5 x 3 initiative.

While large organizations do a lot of good, sometimes the smaller ones make more of an impact because the operating expenses and red tape are not as extensive.  FOVC is making a difference for vulnerable people in Ethiopia, and their US staff is entirely made up of volunteers.  That means that every penny that's given goes to where help is needed.

It's a tough choice, but someone's got to make it.  Please vote and spread the word!

PS--I need to update our Give It Forward page to reflect the latest total amount given.  I am also behind on expressing gratitude to those who have given to us.  Please forgive me for getting behind--every single donation is very much appreciated, and you will eventually see an email from me in your inbox.  We are so grateful to all of you who have given to help get Elvie home.

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