Sunday, June 10, 2012


Eleven days to go.  EEEE-LEHHHH-VENNNNNN.  When you draw it out like that, it sounds ominous.  But I feel fine about it.  Zinashi feels fine about it.  In fact, she's kind of over having to hold the sign for the countdown.  She wants to know how many days, but she does not want to show you how many days because she is too busy telling stories that make no sense.

countdown to ethiopia, 11 days

Oh, well.

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  1. How excited is Zinashi about going back to Ethiopia? It seems to me that this will be an important trip for her in terms of learning about her heritage.
    Also, bringing Elvie home from the same place seems to reinforce to her (I hope) that, "This is what my family does. We bring home sisters from Ethiopia, and they stay home forever."


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