Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Days

I'm in a mood. Wanted a particular thing to eat, had my mouth set for it, and it didn't happen. Worked hard all day after working hard all week, never getting a good night's sleep. Ate chips for dinner. (Which probably didn't help my mood.) Am having a pity party. Might have cake.  Five days to go, and I'm obsessed with a crib for the baby which we can't afford to buy yet. Eventually, yes, but not today. Nesting instinct: thwarted by budget. BAH HUMBUG.

countdown to ethiopia, 5 days

(Also I forgot to get Jarod a Father's Day present, but he forgot to wrap the thing I ordered for myself for Mother's Day, and in fact I believe it's still in a post office package stuffed between his dresser and the wall, so I'm going to call it even.)


  1. Love the polka dot pajamas! Hope your mood passes soon.

  2. Oh, but you did give him a gift. The post on Babble was beautiful. I think it as the best gift you could have given him-it was straight from your heart.


  3. Take a deep breathe, honey. You're almost there!

  4. My stomach is in knots over the 5 days thing. ;)
    Please know we are following you heart and soul...

  5. I'm with Claudia - these are cake-eating-days. Hang in there!


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