Friday, June 15, 2012

The Friday Dispatch, Coming to You From Loungepantsville

What a week!  My mom and niece were in town from Tuesday morning until this afternoon, Jarod was downtown all week, including overnights, and Zinashi was keen on staying up as late as I did every night, making sure I knew she was loooooooonely.  No disrespect to our houseguests, but I am sincerely glad this week is over.

Because guess what?  We've got six days to go until we leave for Ethiopia, and I've got no shortage of things to do before we leave.

countdown to ethiopia, 6 days
Eep!  Six days!  That's less than a week!

Over on Being Pregnant this week, I've been looking forward as well as looking back, noting how far Zinashi has come and hoping the same for Elvie.  I've been exploring what it means to bring home a special needs baby and how we aim to protect our daughters' privacy.  Here's a little roundup of those posts if you haven't visited me over there already.

The Difference -- From One Home to Another
How Our First Adoption Led to Our Second
Preparing to Welcome Home a Baby With Special Needs
Adoption and Privacy: Protecting Our Daughters' Stories

This Sunday is Father's Day, so I also pulled together a little slideshow of our favorite father and his eldest daughter.  Pop over there to see the photos and read the sweet story of why it's titled the way it is.

Our Favorite Guy, Our Favorite Man

We'll be popping back in every day to update our countdown.  (And by we, I mean me, with photos of Zinashi, so that's two of us, right?) By the time the weekend is over, I'll have moved from less than a week ohmygoodness to help me I'm about to be a mother of two.  Oh, boy.

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