Friday, June 8, 2012

Lucky Thirteen

We're having a pajama day.  Again.  I'm fairly certain that once Elvie is home, we'll be having pajama day five out of seven days of the week.  So really, we're just practicing!  We only have thirteen days left, so it makes sense that we should practice as much as possible while we still can.

countdown to ethiopia, 13 days

Going through an adoption the second time has brought up a lot of memories of Zinashi's adoption.  I've been retelling Zinashi's adoption story over on the Babble Being Pregnant blog, and it's been a great trip down memory lane.  I also realized that there are some details that I never told here, so I took the opportunity to round out the story a little more over there.  You can read the whole story from start to finish with these links:

Back to the Beginning
Ditching Our Pregnancy Plans
Full Steam Ahead
The Birth of Our Family

Now that I've got the opportunity to share things about adoption with a wider audience, I've been thinking of all the things I want others to know about adoption and all the things I was glad that someone told me before we brought Zinashi home.  Today at Being Pregnant, I posted five bits of knowledge that helped me immensely with the adjustment to being a new mom of a toddler.  Fellow adoptive parents, were there bits of advice you received that made all the difference?  Please share in the comments on my post at Being Pregnant.  And if you have some things you'd like shared about the adoptive experience so others can be better informed, please tell me!  I'd love to get more information out there both for families who are adopting or considering adopting and for people who simply want to understand the adoptive process better so they can be better support to those who are building their families this way.

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  1. I'm excited to read the story of how Zinashi came to your family!


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