Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Dozen Days (of FABULOUS)

Zinashi has been growing like a weed lately, and I'm pretty sure it's because of all the good growing food she's eating.  This is what she'll tell you, anyway, and if it's after dinner, she'll have you take a look at how well she did at filling her belly.  Magnificent!

such a magnificent belly

One week her leggings fit perfectly, and the next week she wore the very same pair, and they were more suitable for wading at the beach.  I am astonished sometimes to see the length of her.

get wild

She seems to have come through the worst of her struggle to control her world, and now she's left with just getting annoyed with me when I take multiple pictures of her in a row.  Because she's busy.  Froggy is cranky, and he needs to be rocked, and did she mention she is busy?  But how can I help myself?  I mean:

there's a cowgirl in my entryway

If you were me, what would you do?  You would take the photo, admit it.  You'd take this one, too, but she wouldn't be mad, because it's funny.


She is such a delight, even when she won't do us the favor of seeing her photo when she holds our countdown sign.

countdown to ethiopia, 12 days

One dozen, that's how many days we have left.  I am packing Zinashi's clothes, pulling out items in the next size up and letting her wear the highwater leggings and shorts inappropriate to the weather in the meantime.  It doesn't matter.  She looks fabulous regardless; don't you agree?


  1. She always looks fabulous. I love your style. You put together such great outfits and so does Zinashi. I love reading your blog. I'm praying everything goes well on your trip to Ethiopia. Blessings to you all.


  2. She does look fabulous and I so would have taken that rocking horse too! I have been following along for a little while now - love your stories and your wondrously creative pictures. I too have a daughter who is letting go of trying to fiercely control the world - this is allowing her mama to exhale more deeply these days. Happy Dozen Days to Go!


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