Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Single Digits and Some Heartburn

It might just be the overly large brunch still talking, but I'm pretty sure I'm finally feeling the weight of this adoption.  Tums aren't going to help this; I'll need to just go scoop that baby up and love her to pieces.

countdown to ethiopia, 9 days
I tried to love Zinashi to pieces, but she's strong.  I just have to love her whole.

Nine days. HELLO.


  1. I am ridiculously excited for all four of you to get together. I have been reading back through from when you brought Z home. I have to agree you are so very lucky to have an amazing little girl in your lives and of course she is very lucky to have the amazing parents she does in you and your husband. Thanks for sharing your story. I have always wanted to adopt and you reaffirm that hope and desire.

  2. what a beautiful girl!! stay strong!! almost there!!


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