Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Remember back when we started this countdown, and there were twenty-three days to go, and we all had roses in our cheeks and flowers in our hair, and life was carefree and simple?  Those were good times, weren't they?  Well guess what?  We don't have that kind of time now, and we don't want it.  We want to put on something other than pajamas and leave already.

countdown to ethiopia, 2 days

We've had a lot of help with a lot of things lately, and I feel so much better.  I feel like we can actually do this, can leave our house and come back with a whole extra person in tow and not arrive home to find that we've forgotten something very important.  Today is still intense, but we are setting ourselves up to be able to focus only on our family while we are in Ethiopia.  Of course we will still pop in to show off the baby--you know we can't help ourselves--but there will be little need to keep up with our lives on the internet.

With so many things checked off our to do list, I am starting to feel more excited than overwhelmed.  We are doing this.  We are getting on an airplane, and we are flying to our baby, and we are going to come home with a whole extra person in our family.  That is pretty amazing.


  1. Congratulations! Praying for safe travels for the family.

  2. I am so excited for all of you! I cannot wait to see pictures of Elvie and I'm hoping the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. Sending best wishes to both of your little girls and to their parents - here's hoping you can focus in on just the 4 of you while in Ethiopia and get through the bigness of it all. Congrats, happy trails & good luck!


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