Monday, July 30, 2012

How Did It Get To Be Midnight?

This weekend has been full.  I have been busy every single moment, trying to put things right in the house and complete some additional unexpected tasks.  Jarod has been busy, too, and there's actual photographic evidence of his accomplishments.

taking out the braids
It became clear halfway through the day that my hands would not be available to take out Zinashi's  braids, so he offered to do it, and I'm not a stupid woman; I said YES PLEASE DO IT.

cat in a crib

He put together the new cat bed crib, at my request. Not that this means that Elvie won't sleep in the stroller next to the bed each night, but at least there's a fancy space for napping.

I hoped to have the house mostly organized so that the week would run smoothly; I'd say it's 50% of the way there, and I'll take it.  Because ultimately, I've got a happy baby and a hilarious five-year-old on my hands, and that will satisfy me enough to soothe the disappointment of not getting all the hospital bags completely unpacked.

happy cheeky baby
I mean, really.  Who can be disappointed about anything while looking at this face?

zinashi, being herself

I'll go ahead and count the general hilarity of this situation as a personal success.

Monday is coming,  Time to get ready.  (By which I mean: time to sleep.)


  1. CHEEKS! You did it!!!

  2. I don't know how you get anything done at all. I would spend my entire 24 hour day reveling in the magic of those 2 beautiful girls! And the last shot of Zinashi just slays me!

  3. haha I thought Jarod was making the braids! he should try. It's so awesome that you guys are all back in the house as a family of four! :)

  4. The cheeks and the hilarity definitely count as success!! So glad you are getting to tackle the challenges of organizing the house rather than the challenges of the past couple of weeks.

  5. Oh, Elvie is looking SO WELL!!! So glad to see this. Isn't it just INCREDIBLE how quickly a baby can fill out when they are getting proper nutrition? (Okay, I'm sure it didn't feel quick to you doing double duty at the hospital...)

    And the picture of Jarod and Zinashi is one for the mantelpiece, definitely! Love it!

  6. That baby of yours is completely adorable. How are you so lucky? Also, I recognize those sleep shades - we have a few too:)


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