Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More to Read!

Friends, I have been neglecting to tell you something, or forgetting, rather, as my up-all-night mother brain has holes like swiss cheese.  We have a Finding Magnolia Facebook page!  I've been using it to post quick updates from the hospital, so if you want the latest and haven't found us there yet, please head over.

Content so good you'll want to lick it!

I have also continued to write for Babble's Being Pregnant blog during our trip and now during our hospital stay.  While we were traveling, I posted about things that were related both to travel and coming home. If you fellow adoptive parents have things to add that worked for you, please leave comments over at Babble--I'd love to add other voices to the conversation, as different families can have profoundly different experiences.

Packing for Adoption Travel
Five Books to Read Before You Bring Your Adopted Child Home
Top Online Resources for Adoptive Parenting
Adoptive Parenting: How It's Different and Why
Helping Your Newly Adopted Child Process Grief
Promoting Attachment in Adoption
Cocooning for Adoptive Families
Preparing for Adoption Homecoming
The Last Leg of the Adoption Journey: Managing the Flight Home

I also introduced Elvie with a slideshow of photos and wrote about the moment I truly felt like her mother.

Introducing Elvie
Becoming Elvie's Mother

While here at the hospital, I've written about our experiences here and how we're managing our lives with Elvie in the hospital and Zinashi at home.

Elvie's Unexpected Hospital Stay
Managing Our Lives During Elvie's Hospital Stay
Being Prepared for Common Health Problems in Adoption
Feeling Grateful
Finding a Rhythm For Our Hospital Days

As always, thanks for reading here and elsewhere.  It's a pleasure to share our lives with you.


  1. Thank you for writing this blog. It gives me hope and confidence that adoption is the right path for my husband and I.
    I will be praying for you and Elvie and Zinashi and Jarod.
    And don't forget to drink tons of coffee.
    Sending your little family lots of e-love.

  2. Commenting on your Babble post here since I'm not on FB. So impressed by your positive outlook and determination!! I bet she'll be eating more and more as she gets feeling better with all the helpful medical treatments she is getting. I hope you get some good news from the scale soon! We're all rooting for you and Elvie!

  3. Still sending many warm thoughts your way for little Elvie, Zinashi, and both of you. Can't imagine what it must be like to have a baby in the hospital and one at home you also want to be with. Hang in there and stay caffeinated. :)


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