Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pretty Sure We're Going to Make It

The truth is that being in the hospital with Elvie isn't that bad.  I wrote a little bit on Babble yesterday about being ready to go home, and that's true.  It's also true that it's no picnic, being here for so long, trying to manage life here and at home, and really missing keeping up with all the home stuff.  At the same time, it could be way worse, and I know that.  I think I just reached a point of being done, but before we are actually done.

Back when I was carefree and single (meaning: had lots of time and didn't have anyone to connect with over dinner every night), I used to run quite a lot, and the one race I ran without fail was the Pikes Peak Marathon.  Training for that is an experience like no other, so difficult, but fascinating as I watched my body change to accommodate what I was asking it to do.  By the time I got to race day, I was ready to do it.  But each year, there was a point in the race that I felt like I just wanted to sit down on the side of the trail and not finish.  I'd made it to the top and two thirds of the way down, and runners had started to thin out depending on speed and trail running ability.  It was the same stretch of trail that got me every time.  And every time, I kept going, and eventually there was some nice person who ran with me a little of the way and then let me finish on my own.  When I was in the part that made me feel like quitting, I knew that the only two options were just keep going or mountain rescue, and mountain rescue was never truly an option.  I had to just keep going.  That's pretty much where I am now with hospital life.  I know I have to do it.  I know I'm going to make it.  I know that I can't actually sit down on the side of the trail and quit.  So I'm just walking through this feeling and changing lots of parasite diapers* and drinking way more coffee than is probably wise.

The upside is, of course, that I have time now to just sit with this little treasure, and in the quiet of the day, I am still amazed that we have a baby.  I have so much more to write about that, which I will save for a time when my baby and her parasite diaper aren't about to wake up and need tending to.  For now, here's a shot of her sweet face.  I'm pretty sure most of you believe me by now, but I think it bears repeating one more time: we have the very best baby.  Ever.  In the history of babies.  Parasite diapers and all.

happy morning

*Fellow Ethiopia adoptive families smell what I'm stepping in (er, wiping off a butt) here.  The rest of you can just be grateful for your normal baby poop good fortune.  Or for not raising a baby and dealing with poop at all, whatever the case may be for you.


  1. She is too cute for words. Just completely adorable.

  2. Oh I remember parasite diapers. Do I ever.

  3. Best value goes to honest diapers. They sure beat everything else, including expensive diapers, even with coupon. Think about the hassle of collecting coupons and the funny looking of store checker, and getting only a jumbo or mega that lasts 2 weeks if you are lucky.


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