Thursday, July 12, 2012

While Elvie Sleeps, An Update

beatific elvie
Elvie looking beatific, and like she needs a manicure.

This morning the doctor who was working with Elvie last night brought me a mocha, bless her forever. We are getting special around here.  Elvie has tests and tests and more tests to go through.  They can only take 3 mL of blood each day because she is so tiny, so it will take awhile to get through everything.  They've been trying to put in a picc line, and after four tries, they still haven't gotten it in.  Malnourishment isn't kind to veins.  Considering everything, Elvie is doing well.  When there's no medical staff in the room, she'll give us her signature smiles, but forget about it if she's being poked or prodded or looked at too intensely.

We are committed to doing as much attachment work as possible while we are here.  Nurses keep offering to take over feeding or diapering so I can get solid sleep, and I say no.  It's the one thing we can do for her while so many faces are floating through her field of vision.  I won't give it up, no matter how hard it is at 2:30am when she won't be soothed easily, and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.  She needs to know that Jarod, Zinashi, and I are her constants.

We have had so much help, and so many offers for help, and we are incredibly grateful for all of it.  Some of you have emailed me, and I am slowly getting back to everyone.  Because we do need the help, and we will accept it, even though my tendency is to want to do as much as possible myself.  Thank you all for gathering around to support us at this time.

I do want to make a small note about Give It Forward.  Obviously I have not posted choices for this month's payment; I simply haven't had the time. At this point, I think what makes the most sense given our time and mental energy constraints is if we just make a $440 payment next month.  I would love it if some of you would suggest charities that are near and dear to your hearts, particularly ones who help children and families.  We have been given so much for our Elvie, and we are committed to continuing to give back to others.

Elvie is awake now, with a special present she made herself in her diaper for me, so it's time to get back to mothering, hospital style.  Hug each other for me; you all deserves big hugs for being awesome.  Keep it up, and spread that love around.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to update us. Praying for all of you.

  2. Elvie is looking rosier for sure. This is quite the reversal for her in some ways. She has so many people attending to her needs, where as, before she joined your family, she (and so many babies) had only part of an adult's attention at a time.

    As much as she is being prodded and poked, this is probably the most comfortable she has ever been. Definitely the most loved. Lucky, lucky girl!

    Take good care of yourself as well! You four are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thanks for the update. I was recently sent to your blog by some random link someone shared and I've been hooked ever since!

    For Give It Forward, you might consider Graham's Foundation. They send care packages to families with a baby in the hospital (usually preemies or other NICU babies) and they do it all on donations.

  4. For Give it Forward I would recommend El Amor de Patricia, an orphanage in Guatamala (

  5. Shriners Hospitals are pretty cool, they provide care for children who's families cannot pay for care. Love you guys. Wish I were there to help. I know ALL ABOUT kids in hospital for a long time in NICU. 122 days. I hope your hospital time is shorter. Tears flowing right now knowing what you're up against.

  6. Good for you for continuing to do the feeding and diapering yourself, even at 2AM. Lots of people are cheering for you out here.


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