Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Give It Forward Update, Plus Choose Our Payment Recipient for August!

I am pleased to announce that we no longer need to raise funds for our adoption through Give It Forward. Yesterday we received word that we have received a generous grant, which has covered the remainder of our fees. All in all, we were given $3344.50 to help get Elvie home and then help charities in turn. We are so grateful to everyone who has participated by giving and by voting for charities each month. With the fees all paid, we now look forward to the joy of simply helping a different organization each month.

Because last month was so crazy, we did not make our payment, so this month we are making a double payment of $400 on the principle and $40 in interest. In addition, I am (once again) a day late providing the choices for you to vote on, so we will also add a $10 late fee, and voting will extend to midnight on the 16th instead of the 15th. We are excited to give a larger sum this month and get back to helping others with these funds.

So without further ado, I bring you the choices for this month. We were sent suggestions for more than three charities (thank you, suggesters!), so we do not have room to list all of them as choices this month. I've listed the first three suggestions, and those who are not listed this month will be part of the list next month. We welcome more suggestions if you have a favorite charity that you'd like to see get some Give It Forward funds, so please keep the names of good organizations coming! We have a total of $2144.50 left to pay, plus interest, so there will plenty more payments.

First up is Graham's Foundation. They provide support for families who have a preemie in the NICU, offering everything from care packages to online resources. We know the value of having support with a baby in the hospital, and though this service wouldn't apply to a child like Elvie, they are helping so many families whose days in the hospital will be longer than ours.

El Amor de Patricia is a permanent family-style home that provides care for children in Guatemala. The children are cared for, educated, and given the skills they need to succeed as adults in Guatemala. For many children who lack families worldwide, adoption is not an option, and this fills the gap for some of them.

Shriners Hospitals provide medical care to children whose families could otherwise not afford it. Shriners Hospitals are highly regarded and have given many children with medical needs the surgeries they need to thrive, at no cost to families who cannot afford to pay. If we did not have excellent insurance, we most certainly would need the help of Shriners for Elvie's complex medical needs.

All three organizations do excellent work; as usual, I'm glad it's you making this decision.

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  1. I've only been following your blog for a short while, so I'm not certain how your "give it forward" works, but I think I might have a charity which you might be interested in. Clic Sargent ( is a charity which maintains large houses near hospitals to allow the families of children undergoing treatment for cancer to stay close by, enabling the whole family (including the sick child if they are well enough) to stay together for free. An internet friend of mine is using one of their facilities at the moment, and


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