Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aiming So Low I'm In Life's Basement

morning in the big bed

Getting back into the swing of things this week has been tough. I think it has a lot to do with the surprise of this hospital stay; even though the last one was longer, we had overnight to prepare ourselves. This time we were at the pediatrician's office, and she said, "You need to go back to the hospital," then sent us home to pack bags while she made the necessary arrangements for Elvie to check in. There's also the baby puke factor. If you're not sleeping because you're cleaning up baby puke, and then you keep having to abandon what you're doing several times during the day to clean up baby puke, the only thing that will get done is cleaning up baby puke. Whatever other messes are made will still be there when you get home post hospital stay. And there were (ahem, are) a lot of messes.

I did manage to wipe up the giant heap of coffee grounds I spilled when I dropped the container straight out of the grinder to rush over to my puking baby. I also cleared off the kitchen table so we could stop having dinner picnics due to lack of space to set our plates on a raised surface. But beyond that, I'm afraid I'm still woefully behind, and tired to boot.

Elvie continues to wake every hour or two in the night to eat. With that sleep schedule, it's a miracle I can speak in full sentences during the day, let alone get anything done. I congratulate myself if I manage to change from pajamas into yoga pants, and if I get extra chores done, I imagine that I have won a trophy. Today I walked with both girls to Walgreen's to get Zinashi's hair care products (let's not discuss how long we went between hair washes this time), and I feel like I should be up on a podium, giving a speech. I'd like to thank coffee and my friend Nicole, who made me this bitchin' ring sling, for making this possible. Instead, I'll just feel justified in pushing both children onto Jarod's lap as soon as he walks in the door so I can get manic with the housecleaning. The dishwasher is running and diapers are clean, people. I do what I have to do.

I am told that this will get easier as time goes by, that sometimes I will put on proper trousers or a skirt instead of yoga pants, and it won't be noon before we stop hanging out in the big bed. For now, though, I'm just going to write my pretend speech for the day I take both children grocery shopping and we all come back alive.


  1. The basement's not so bad (says she who spent the day off, sewing, with both kids in daycare/summer camp)! The basement has comfy couches to lounge on and TV, and no one knows you're home if you don't answer the door ;-) Seriously, as you said in your weight-gain post, there's crucial work to be done when you bring a baby home -- the mess and the perfect meals and the visits to the gym can wait.

  2. Survival mode woman. Keepmrockin it

  3. Basement.... maybe.... or maybe it's that you're aiming low to get to the FOUNDATIONS. You know.. the foundations.... the stuff that is really important.



    (But seriously... I think it's totally true! Without all the foundational stuff you ARE doing, there's no point doing any of the window dressing anyway).

  4. I am right there with you. My house is disgustingly dirty, and I've come to peace with that. I barely notice it anymore. I figure I can clean when they go to college. In the meantime, I have more important things to do.

  5. My son is almost 11 months old and if I can get dishes and laundry done, I feel like a hero! If I vacuum it's like I hiked Everest! This is just life with little ones, and I've decided to just enjoy the heck out of it as much as I can!

  6. Um, i still wear yoga pants to bed and through the next day. Normal is a LONG WAYS AWAY. With special needs, (and both yours are) it takes like, 2 years. Believe me. Just take it slow and breathe. Love you. Love your speeches. :)


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