Sunday, August 12, 2012

Being Home

hospital reflections

Elvie was discharged from the hospital at around 2:30pm this afternoon, or perhaps I should say yesterday afternoon. I am up too late, having just folded the last of the laundry, desperate to catch up with normal life. We left the house for the pediatrician's office Tuesday afternoon with everything out and untidy, having spent the night before and most of the day just trying to keep up with the baby puke. No magic fairies slipped through our keyholes between then and our arrival at home today, magically knowing just where to put things away, then giving the house a thorough cleaning once it was tidied. I walked into the mess we'd left Tuesday, plus additional messes, some made by me as I dashed in and out in the evenings.

And now I just want to be home, to be able to sit on the sofa and find what I need and not have the compost bin stinking to high heaven because one of the things I didn't get to on Tuesday was taking out the compost. So here I am, awake, barely, having put as much of the house in order as I possibly could between 3pm and 2am. I've reached the end of what I can keep myself awake to do, and so I'm about ot turn in. In the morning, there will be a big press of coffee just for me, and errands, and all this folded laundry to put away.

But we are all home, and even if it's a total wreck, it feels good to have all of us in it. I will go to sleep tonight with my little family all tucked in close by.

I am beyond grateful.


  1. I am so, so glad you are all home. I wish Elvie continued good health, and send love to you all!

  2. I am glad you are home! I hope Elvie stays well!


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