Thursday, August 30, 2012

How We Do Physical Education in This Here Homeschool

the best dressed ballerina

Zinashi had her first ballet class today. I'd like to say that she's a natural, but that would be lying. She was a natural at getting dressed and looking like the most adorable ballerina on the planet, but in the actual class she had a bit of trouble keeping up. I think that's just fine; it falls in line with the way she learns everything else, timidly at first, mostly watching what others do, and then when she is ready, she goes at it with gusto. I don't mind if she spends half the class staring at her feet the first few times, willing them to do the right thing. It's cute.

are my feet right?

I'm already looking forward to next week. So is she.


  1. She is adorable--you always have such cute things for her to wear, too :)

  2. That is a huge amount of adorableness! I remember the videos you posted in the olden days of her dancing, and am convinced she'll love dance classes, especially ones that involve drum beats.

    P.S. From a former dancer: if Z likes ballet enough to continue past when her current ballet shoes fit, the next pair will fit better if the straps are sewn farther back (towards her ankles). It's not a problem to keep these straps where they are for beginner classes though.

  3. I love seeing pictures of Z, you can see so much in her eyes. It's like she has seen the weight of the world in her few short years and has a wise old soul. She has grown and flourished so much under you and Jarod's care. As a mother of two medically fragile children I understand the time and energy it takes to make that kind of progress. However, mine were born that way and much like you I did what I had to do there was no question otherwise. The thing that amazes me about you was that you had the love and courage to seek out children who needed extra love and care for extra needs and you love them and care them to healthiness. I have no doubt that both of your girls will turn into amazing adults who will carry on spreading your caring and love to enrich the lives of others. I look forward to following their stories as they give me back a feeling of humanity despite the growing ugliness in our worlds. Kudos to you and I have no doubt that Elvie's surgery will go well and you will nurture her into a strong confident child as you have with Z. Thank you for your stories.

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