Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Beginning To See The Light

First, I feel it's important that I mention the new thing I learned about Snoop Dogg while reading People during Elvie's diagnositc surgery today. He's doing a little reggae and has a new persona called Snoop Lion. My delight at this little music news nugget will make a lot of sense to some of you and no sense to others. But I would like to send a message to Snoop, which is simply: Well played, sir.

Second, as mentioned above, Elvie went in for diagnostic surgery today.  We knew she would, and it went well, or as well as we hoped it would. This is a precursor to her big surgery some months down the road. She has some abnormalities in her urinary tract due to her birth defect, but they couldn't see as much detail as they hoped from MRIs and CT scans. She's on two antibiotics as a preventative measure, and this also assures us that this is the right course of action.

Third, hahahahahaha:

something's got my feet!
Something's got my feet!  Something's got my feeeeeet!!!

Fourth, or maybe fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., I am feeling like I can get things done again. The house is as much of a disaster as ever, but I am on my way to accomplishing some long term projects, and that feels good. I can see ahead of me a time when my desk will be organized and I'll remember things when I am supposed to remember them. This mostly has to do with figuring out a way to put my desk against a wall again. Funny as it may sound, my desk being in the middle of the room was contributing to a lot of my problems. I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts, not to mention actual important paperwork, without a wall to stick post-it notes to and a bulletin board in view.

The solution to my problem involves moving a shelf, after which I can move the desk, but the shelf needed some modification to work where I wanted it to work. What we are planning to do next weekend is the home decor equivalent of putting a car on blocks in your yard, but imagine that it's a nice car, and the blocks have been stained to match the car's color. Perhaps the thing that made me feel most like I was able to get things done was making strides toward making this shelf move happen. I made it to Home Depot via public transportation, had a 4x4 cut into pieces that will support the shelf, and actually stained them the proper color, all in one weekend. After that, I feel like I can conquer the world, or at least hang up my clean clothes in my closet (which I did this evening, thank you very much).

I am also noticing how quickly time has flown in 2012, and noting that it will be the end of the year before we know it. I have mentioned before that I felt from the beginning of the year that 2012 would be a year of hard work. That has proved to be true in myriad ways, and to see the time flying by so quickly gives me hope that our year of hard work will be done before we know it.  And with that year end, we hope so many things. For Elvie, in particular, but for our little family as a whole. If 2013 brings more hard work, we will meet it with renewed effort, for this year's work so far has certainly seen us reap the greatest of rewards. I don't think anything could compare to seeing our baby go from a state of malnourishment to a state of health. We're not even done yet, and already it is so gratifying.

And so, onward, towards the light. We are going to be just fine.


  1. Yep, nothing rocks likes seeing your child recover. And she is looking great! Good luck with the desk. Nearly three years home with one child and mine is only missing the tape to declare it a disaster zone.

    1. When I say "organized," I don't mean it the way neat freaks mean it. I'm pretty sure it will still look like a disaster to most people. I just need to be able to find everything important and put reminders on the wall. I can't remember anything these days.

  2. Hip hip hooray!

    Yes, much effort will always be requested of you, because you rise to the occassion. Well done, McBride family, well done.

  3. "We are going to be just fine." Love that sentence. Love that wee girl(s) of yours. Love your perseverance. Keep on keepin' on....

  4. It's funny how all our organizational problems can coalesce into one object that's just obstructing everything. For you it's the desk, for me it's the windows that can't be opened, making the room too hot to work in. I have become fixated on those windows, and yet replacing them still seems like an incredibly hard, long-term goal. So good job taking concrete steps toward moving the shelf which will allow you to move the desk! I think it's symbolic of getting back on top of your life!


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