Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sad Face, Sad Face, Sad Face, BOO

Elvie has a UTI again, and we are back in the hospital. It is 1:20am, and we are waiting on the IV antibiotics so we can get this show on the road. Minimum stay is 24 hours. Maximum stay is I-don't-want-to-think-about-it. But it shouldn't take long, at least not as long as last time.

lamby will help us

Jarod is holding down the fort at home, and I am here with Elvie. I am tired, but of course Elvie has the worst of it. She just can't say yet what she is feeling. I wrote a bit more about the situation on Babble, so go there if you want to know more, and beyond that I'll post updates to Facebook as I have them. I'll also update here as we receive more substantial updates. Hopefully those updates will be few, and we'll be back home without delay.


  1. So sorry Elvie is back in the hospital. I hope it turns out to be just a bit of a bump in the road and that you are home again soon. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!

  2. I too am so sorry to read that Elvie is back in the hospital. Wishing a speedy recovery for little Miss Elvie! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Zinashi and Elvie together at home. BTW,looks beautiful in the photo you posted for this entry. Prayers for your family...Eileen

  3. Ugh. Sucks. I hope it's the absolute minimum stay this time.


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