Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Things, With Photos

It's hard to find the will to put on anything but items with elastic waistbands. I have a lot of really cute clothes, but a good number of them won't fit right now without the benefit of shapewear, and sometimes I just give up. But some days I have to at least put on jeans, and if I'm putting on jeans, why not graduate to a skirt? So today I did. We went to the pediatrician, and also to the Starbucks that is conveniently located less than a block from our pediatrician. You're welcome, medical staff and baristas!

no yoga pants today!

I will now wear this same outfit anytime I need to look presentable, as I lack the motivation to figure out how to put together more outfits with the clothes that fit me right now.

In far different news (unless the news is that we can spend more time in clothes with elasticized waists thanks to this), we are officially homeschooling starting September 4. We were going to follow the schedule of the local school district, but then I thought, "Wait! We are homeschooling partly so we can make our own schedule! Labor Day to Memorial Day it is!" It just seems more straightforward to me, honestly. Also, we didn't have math curriculum yet.

Math curriculum? WHAT?!

But now we do! I just have to, I don't know, take it out of the box and figure out what we're supposed to do with it. No worries, though! I've got two weeks until the first day of school!

I am looking forward to teaching Zinashi in a more structured way at home. This will be her kindergarten year, and we aren't required to report to the State of California until she is seven years old, so this makes our homeschool beginnings more relaxed. We will be using the math curriculum pictured, getting back to our reading instruction book, and aspiring to reach some Charlotte Mason education goals. If you follow that link to the goals, note I said some, not all; most Charlotte Mason families spend longer than one year reaching these. We are also not as serious about spending time outdoors as many Charlotte Mason families; we enjoy our lazy mornings in pajamas all too much to give them up just yet. Plus, Zinashi is way more keen on learning about the human body than looking for wildflowers. We're going to start with that.

And so: onward, toward more attractive outings and a well-rounded little mind.


  1. Good luck! And also you look gorgeous in that outfit!

  2. I love those goals! Also, I'm not sure if you've seen this (and I haven't taught for them, so I don't know about their philosophies), but have you seen this:


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