Saturday, September 8, 2012

Choose Who Gets Our Give It Forward Payment for September!

Wait a second...did I just type September? This year is going unbelievably fast. Does saying that make me sound old? I feel like we have lived a thousand years since January, but at the same time, I don't feel like it should be September yet. But whatever the case, it is, and it's time to choose our Give It Forward recipient for the month. Please note that I am (just barely) getting this post up in time.

Without further ado, your choices:

Giving to Cheti will support both Cheti and Jue schools in Tanzania, making it possible for children who would not otherwise have an education to get one. The schools also provide meals to the children, and Jue School also includes an orphanage. The care they give to the children through educating and feeding them will give them a bright future they otherwise would not have. Education is an essential part of children growing into adults who can support themselves and their families. These schools change children's lives.

The work that Back to the Roots does through Asha House and Casa de Gozo is truly inspiring. Their children's rescue centers bring in children who are victims of sexual assault, forced prostitution, and slave labor, giving them a home in a structured family unit. They are giving children back their lives and creating a space for them to live in a family setting. Wow.

CLIC Sargent gives support in many ways to children with cancer in the UK. From grants to help with the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis to free accommodation close to hospitals for family members, what CLIC Sargent does is impacting the lives of children who are facing a serious disease. Giving to this organization would help support children and families as they walk this difficult road.

As usual, I'm glad I don't have to decide on my own who should get our payment. Vote away, good-hearted readers!

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