Monday, September 17, 2012

Into Everything, or Trying to Be

This baby, oh, this baby. She is becoming quite the delightful handful. What's that you're having? She wants it. No, she does not like this baby food. Or that baby food. Or any baby food. Are you eating that baby food? No? She doesn't want it either. She wants what you're having. What are you drinking? An Arnold Palmer, is it? Or maybe Thai iced tea? Why, yes, as a matter of fact, she would like to grab your straw and try some, and no, she is not letting go. Ever. Why do straws have to be so slippery? Look, now you've made her mad.

And are you planning on going to another room? Without her? Even for a moment? No, no, that's not all right. She wants to come, too, to follow you. You must bring her, and she must try her best to get out of your arms, especially if you are on hard flooring. What's a concussion? Who cares? This baby wants to go where you go and do what you do, and she will keep trying until she gets to do it.

At this point, I feel like surgery can't happen soon enough. I was feeling fine, waiting for that call from the surgeon to say that it's scheduled, but now I just can't wait. She sees this world, and she wants to reach out and grab all of it in giant handfuls and not let go. I want that to be possible for her, no matter how much she'll destroy the house once she's mobile.

Pediatric surgery people, please call me.


  1. OMG, that kid... the tongue... the stripes... the alien toy she's beating into oblivion... It's just too much!!!
    That's all I can say.

  2. Who ever thought you'd be happily married, yet wishing and hoping for another man to call you? :)

  3. She looks fantastic. I'm just a friendly blog stalker wondering where you shop for your girls' clothes and how you learned how to do their amazing hair.

  4. Seriously ADORABLE!!!!! We need to catch up sometime my friends!! Soon! When life slows down-HA!

  5. Girl, you are gonna have your hands FULL with those two! (As if you don't already.)


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