Friday, September 14, 2012

Now I'm Going to Ask You Something Else (Introverts, Represent!)

eponine's pillow
Sometimes I am jealous of my cat. I'm just saying.

Now that I'm coming out of the fog of bringing home baby fast, hospital stays, follow-up appointments, and getting our homeschool year started, I'm looking to find a little more balance for myself. I absolutely believe that it is appropriate to have seasons of self-sacrifice for the good of one's family, but I also know that if I ignore my (very legitimate) needs, I start to slide into the mode of Marginally Decent Mom or worse, Crappy Half the Time Mom. My biggest need is for time alone; if I get that, I can figure everything else out.

I wrote a bit about it over at the Baby's First Year blog on Babble. If you're an introvert parent, will you please join the conversation? I need some fresh introvert ideas.

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  1. How I wish I had some great advice to contribute! I can just offer my sympathy. This is my big battle and the only real, lasting solution I've found is preschool, which is thankfully state-funded for three year olds here. Three hours, five days a week.


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