Monday, October 15, 2012

Give It Forward: We Apologize for the Delay

Kind internet friends, I must apologize for my tardiness with Give It Forward this month and never announcing last month's recipient. We remain committed to giving forward what we were given; we are just behind on everything at the moment. Please accept this cute baby photo as a token of our affection and thanks for your patience, and look for both the announcement of September's recipient and choices for October within the next 48 hours.

elvie in an orange sundress


  1. She's so gorgeous, who could get anything done with that face looking at you???

  2. She is so freaking gorgeous I can't stand it.

  3. Yes, Elvie is a true beauty. Honestly I usually don't like headbands on baby girls. I think the bands can detract from the baby's beauty; but somehow the frilly ones you picked for Zinashi and now Elive totally enhance both their beauty and personality.


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