Friday, October 19, 2012

She's Not Herself Sometimes

Zinashi loves to pretend to be two things: a grownup and/or an animal. The grownup person is always called Nikki and likes to talk about grownup things like working for the man and taxes. The animal varies in species, age, and gender, though it often has a tail that looks like a fox, which looks like the one I made for Zinashi last Halloween, but isn't, because this is a real animal. Real animals don't wear costumes; they just have tails. Period. If I address the grownup and/or animal as Zinashi, I am quickly corrected. For future reference, I am keeping track of who I hang out with, in case I get confused.

a raccoon called cookie dough
Cookie Dough the Raccoon. Adorable, soft, may have rabies; she hasn't been diagnosed yet, as she is still looking for a vet that treats raccoons who are from the wild.

a fox named pie

A fox named Pie, who eats pie and also meat. If I tell this fox that meat pies exist, its head may explode.

the safety hyena

The Safety Hyena. She enjoys discussing safety and is not a meat eater like most hyenas, but would rather have a little yogurt and maybe some pasta with salsa.

For Halloween, she will be a squirrel. A name has not been chosen yet, but like Cookie Dough the raccoon, the squirrel may have rabies. I will keep you posted so you know whether to keep your distance or not.

1 comment:

  1. Rabid squirrel is probably the best costume idea ever. I might steal it, for ME not my son, but I promise I won't trick or treat in your neighbourhood.

    It would make a good name for a rock band too.


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