Monday, October 22, 2012

This Year's Birthday Wish

baby love

We seem to be settling into some sort of normal life rhythm. This probably means that the surgeon will call tomorrow with a surgery date, but as is my usual, I will enjoy this level of simplicity while it lasts. It's not that life is simple with a baby and a five-year-old on public transportation, with homeschooling and remembering to give Elvie her medication and the like, but it's simpler than it has been and likely simpler than it will be when Elvie has her surgery and for the weeks that follow. So I'll soak it up now, while I can. One objective of my big clean-up this weekend was to get things to a place where they'd be more easily maintained, making life even simpler for now and more manageable for later.

oh, come on

I've been disappointed every day that goes by that we don't get a call from the surgeon. I realized that there are some things that need to be done prior to surgery, so it's probably more blessing than curse. I wanted to have Elvie baptized before surgery, so that's on the calendar. And I needed to pay a hospital bill that was buried in a pile of mail, so that's done. All we do now is wait. In order to make my peace with waiting, I decided that there's no possible way we won't have heard anything before my birthday in late November, so I'm just letting go until then. Maybe we will eat cake at the hospital; I wouldn't mind, as long as Elvie is there and mending. As much as I'd love for Jarod to come through with that choreographed dance number I requested*, I'll take a baby who's been through the worst of it and who will be fine. It really would be the very best gift of all.


*The man was in show choir--SHOW CHOIR--and yet he balks at arranging for my dearest wish to come true. Can you believe that? The nerve.


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