Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Excitement for Introverts

playing happily on their own, letting me get dressed

A little over three months home, two months out of the hospital, and this bit of magic is finally possible. That, my friends, is a photo of my children playing happily on their own while I got dressed today. I almost got my hair and a bit of makeup done before someone needed something. Not that I do much in the way of hair and makeup, but those ten or fifteen minutes were just priceless. This is a huge step for all of us. For the past three months, I've been lucky to get five minutes during which no one needed something or had something they had to tell me immediately or was gagging on an index card or something of that nature. (Index cards dissolve surprisingly fast in the mouth of an eight-month-old, FYI.) I don't want to speak too soon, but it's possible that sometime in the near future I might be able to get all the way through a chore such as sweeping the kitchen floor without either of my children requiring my immediate attention.

For now, though, I am relying heavily on Jarod to take charge of the children while I get some things done. Up to this point, he's had the kids on his own at home while I've run errands and has handled kids stuff while we were all here and I was getting paperwork or cleaning done, but this weekend he is taking both of them to the park for a few hours while I tidy the house. This is so exciting for me; I haven't had the house to myself since before we traveled to Ethiopia. We're coming up on four months of me struggling to do tasks while someone was in the house, and the longer it's gone on, the harder it's been for me to get basic things done. 

Some of you are scratching your heads, wondering why I can't just do things while other people are around, just sending them to another room or something if they're physically in the way, but all the introverts are feeling my joy at the prospect of cleaning alone. It is so much easier for me to clean when no one is here, and I am probably more excited about this than any other weekend plan we've had in months. It's like something opens up when I am on my own, and I can move swiftly from one task to another. In a practical sense, I am guaranteed no interruptions; even when Jarod is here and in charge of kid needs, Zinashi will still come up to me to ask for things or tell me long stories. But it's more than just that; I feel like something is both physically and mentally blocked when there are people around all the time for a sustained period of time. I think I've been given a lot of grace these months to help me get through what I needed to get through to make it, but now I've got this one afternoon, and I am thrilled.

This is going to be the best weekend EVER.


  1. I'm an introvert Mama and I am SO EXCITED for you!

  2. I know just what you mean. A few hours of pure silence can be blissful. And then I'm even more excited when they return.

  3. We've established that routine too... Dad takes the kids to the park Saturday morning I so I can: shower, dress, shop, cook and straighten all while listening to my own music or watching my own (ridiculous) TV shows... ALL BY MYSELF. Heaven!

  4. Wow - enjoy! I savour the very rare occasion since our kids joined us, to be in my house alone. Just me and my house. My space. Nobody lurking around a corner, about to call for me or demand my attention at any moment, take me by surprise, interrupt my thoughts. Ahhh...

  5. There is nothing quite as nice as being ALONE in your own house!! Enjoy it!! :)

  6. I understand your happiness. We have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Recently the 3 month old has been luring the 10 month old into their bedroom. Sometimes she closes the door. We then hear mad laughing from both of them, or other random noises of playing. Sometimes we have to go check on them but, as introverts ourselves, it is great to have a bit of down time.

    It will probably happen more and more often. Congratulations! :)


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