Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Don't Call Her Baby BigHair for Nothing

I've bought Elvie more than one sleep cap so far. The first one looked hilarious and did nothing for her hair, so I put it in the donate pile, where I'm pretty sure it did not stay. One of these days I'll run across it on a stuffed animal, probably being used as a diaper. The second sleep cap was a silky, gold one that I grabbed at Walgreens, and Elvie took a shine to it for about thirty seconds, then took it off. I tried sneaking it back onto her head while she was sleeping, but no luck. She removed it in her sleep, with a scowl. She wants her head free, and she wants to rub it back and forth against the mattress, then put her fingers in the front of all those curlsand twirl them all around. The result is, frankly, my favorite.

It's a giant mess, I know, and that's a no-no with African hair, but it suits her. She is anything but tame. When we get ready to go out, I spritz it a bit with water and product, a process she enjoys because she sees me do the same for Zinashi, and I also I usually add a clip or flat twist the front and cap it off with a colorful elastic. This is added incentive for having her hair done, because if there's one thing Elvie loves more than crazy hair, it's accessories.

I'm certain that someday she'll be able to sit still for me to do a more elaborate style, and she'll start to understand that a sleep cap is a good idea for maximum hair fanciness. I am going to love styling her hair, but right now? I really love what she's doing with it all on her own.


  1. I love it! I have a very similar crazy head of curls but my morning hear doesn't look nearly as cute as this.

  2. I love, love, love both Elvie and Zinashis hair, It just seems to fit them so well : ) thank you for sharing!

  3. Goodness her hair is perfection.


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