Sunday, May 25, 2014

Giveaway WINNER! The Whole-Brain Child

This week's giveaway drawing ended up being more exciting than usual, and I have to apologize that I did not get photos of the most exciting part. I wanted to involve both girls, so when Elvie came into the room after Zinashi had gotten the hat ready, I told Zinashi to let her help. Elvie didn't want to help - she wanted to do it all by herself, which she indicated by grabbing the hat, dumping all the slips of paper out, then trying to eat one - yes, eat one - when we gathered them back up off the floor to put back in the hat. She was then banned from the rest of the drawing, and carried away, screaming, "NO! HAT! MY HAT! ELVIE HAT!"

After that kerfuffle, I had to rely only on my most responsible assistant to take care of all of the drawing duties. (But don't worry - we let Elvie wear the hat after we were done, and I am including photos of that part at the end.) Here she is, doing her job, and doing it well.

whole brain 1
Hats are serious, and drawings are serious, and so she is serious.

whole brain 2

Except you know what? Drawings are also fun, so she will smile for this part.

whole brain 3

Choosing carefully, very carefully.

whole brain 4

She has made her choice. This is the one.

whole brain 5

She offers her sweet congratulations.

You've won, Cari! Hooray! I will send you a message via FlickrMail shortly, but feel free to beat me to it and use the email link in the right sidebar to send me your mailing address so I can get this fantastic book out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you to all who entered - I loved hearing what you thought when you read the word amygdala. As promised, I will share with you what I think of when I hear or read that word. I think of Zinashi saying the words, "Little almonds!" in a little, funny voice. When we read the parts that are for kids in The Whole-Brain Child, she wanted to know more about what the different parts of her brain look like, so we looked up the amygdala. The word means "almond" and so we started referring to the amygdala and her little almonds, and we both use a funny, little voice to say it. Her funny, little voice is cuter than mine, though.

Also as promised, here are photos of Elvie in the hat.

whole brain 6
Can you tell she's been weeping over the injustices of her life? She has. Bitterly.

whole brain 7

I don't even know what she's doing. Posing or...something?

whole brain 8

She is leaving, and she is taking the hat with her. "ELVIE HAT!" Okay, Elvie. Okay.

And with that, the drawing is officially over.


  1. Your girls have the greatest expressions! In Elvie's second picture, it looks like she's midway through the New Zealand Rugby team's haka: Trying to scare off her hat competition, perhaps?

  2. The person whose name was nearly eaten is also clearly a winner in Elvie's book! Elvie hat!!

  3. These pictures are so sweet. I feel more like a winner than ever with that sweet girl holding my slip of paper. Thank you Mary and Zinashi, and even Elvie ;)


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