Monday, May 26, 2014

There is No Monday Giveaway This Week Because My Brain is Broken

Do you ever have times in your life that are just so full of random little things to attend to that you cannot focus properly, at all, not for one moment, on something extra? That's what's happening to me right now. I've got so many balls in the air that I can't possibly juggle one more. So there will be no giveaway this week. I am sorry. I love giving you guys stuff. I won't be able to continue to do it for much longer anyway, but I so appreciate all of you reading that I wanted to do it for awhile, for fun. So come back next Monday for the next thing I have for you. I'm not done yet; I just need to clear some brain space.

And just because I don't like to leave you with nothing, here's something.

kid in a cat carrier
New cat kennels = playhouses for the children! Zinashi can even lock the door from the inside now; the cat is not thrilled about this development.

I hope your week leaves you feeling more like Zinashi than our cat. If not, just keep going - at least it's a short one. The weekend will appear shortly, as if out of thin air.


  1. I want to live in a cat kennel this week.

    1. Ours are big enough for you to fit in, and also potentially big enough for you to vacation in. They meet airline cargo requirements, which means they are way huger than normal.


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