Monday, June 2, 2014

Delays of All Sorts

elvie for the win!

I have officially become terrible at doing Monday giveaways on Monday. I am going to do a giveaway this week, but it will be delayed. And it will also be a double giveaway - two things! For just one entry! This will also be my second-to-last giveaway, as a big life event which I cannot mention just yet (but will! soon!) (and no, it's not another kid in our family!) is already requiring a good deal of my time and attention, and is about to require more. Sometimes the best things are the things that are most stressful and require the most effort, and I keep reminding myself of that.

Meanwhile, I am tired. Meanwhile, there was  MUNI sickout which led to a late bedtime for the children and general public transit headaches all day. Meanwhile, I have also not won the lottery. But maybe I will tomorrow, if I can just find the time to buy the ticket.

I'll be back soon with the aforementioned double giveaway, I promise.


  1. That picture of Elvie, oh my goodness! Such a delight!!!

  2. I love the (it's not another kid)! Caveat. I know have to say that all the time. I actually said to my fil last night "there is nothing in my uterus but a uterus."

  3. You? Are not alone. Tired and behind and all-over-the-place here too! Solidarity!

  4. PS: I want those shoes of Elvie's. Doubt she'll share though.


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