Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Double Giveaway WINNER! Handmade Cards and Essential Oil

I think I may have said that I would draw the winner of the giveaway and announce it over the weekend. I may also have been deluded, thinking that I had forty-eight hours in each day instead of just twenty-four. Well, whatever. We have drawn a winner, hurriedly, so I can announce before I leave for London to conduct a home search*. Let's just get right down to business, shall we?

Lucky for me, Zinashi was wearing a hat already.

Mess in the background compliments of Baby Godzilla.

I made her take it off, of course, and filled it with little slips of paper, then told her to choose one.

One reason we did not draw the winner over the weekend is that we were
busy creating fabulous new yarn twists to last for the move.

And then, there was a winner! Hooray for winners!

Kellie Kutter, congratulations! Please use the email link in the right sidebar to send me your address so I can get the lavender oil out to you ASAP and pass your information on to Kristen for your cards.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and apologies that you can't all win. There will be one more giveaway in a couple of weeks, and it will be a double giveaway as well. You'll have another chance to be a winner! Hooray!

*I cannot believe that I am flying to London by myself tomorrow. I have never been away from Elvie for more than a day, and I've only been away from Zinashi those few days I came to San Francisco to find our place here. I'm going to do my best to silence my worries about how everyone is handling me being gone and truly enjoy my time away. Introverts gotta introvert, and also eat banoffee pie without explaining why they're not sharing.


  1. Tell Z I love her sparkly nails and new hair! Also, what day is the whole family flying ... would like to send the girls something tiny to keep them occupied on the plane.

  2. Here's to finding a home in London! And banoffee. And some nice ale, if you're into that.


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