Friday, June 13, 2014

Elvie's Surgery: Still the Best Patient Ever

I meant to update you via blog last night, and I didn't get to it. Apologies. I'll just get right to the good news: surgery went great, and recovery has been fast. Here are a few pictures, and I'll sum up along the way.

Here she is before surgery, when we were waiting to go upstairs to the OR. Despite being denied her usual "pancake chocolate" and water, she was in a shockingly good mood. I mean, we shouldn't be shocked at all anymore, but still. It is surprising to me, as a person who regularly experiences the sensation of being hangry, that my stubborn little girl can go without food and still be enjoying herself.

before surgery

When I walked her into the OR, I whispered in her ear about how well she was going to do, and how much chocolate she was going to get to eat once she was all done. I guess my pep talk worked, because three hours later, she looked pretty peaceful as she started to wake up. It was like her normal sleep, but with a little extra oxygen action.

right after surgery

She was groggy, but she never got upset and combative like she has in the past. She didn't even seem to notice the pulse ox on her thumb. I was all, "Wait, what? Did they bring the wrong toddler back out to me?" But no, she was just doing a really, really good job waking up and starting to recover. By nighttime, she was sitting up, eating sweet potato fries and cookies, and sometimes laughing at jokes. She only needed oral ibuprofen for pain relief, and she was on IV fluids for the shortest amount of time yet. Once she was drinking on her own, she didn't need the IV anymore for anything. Sweet freedom.

And then 24 hours after she emerged from surgery? She was waiting impatiently to pull her suitcase out of her room and out to the N. Elvie has no patience for liability issues. She can find her own way out of the hospital, thank you very much. It's not like she hasn't blown that popsicle stand about a thousand times before.

24 hours later

Now she's at home, and she hasn't been in much pain at all. We gave her some pain medication at bedtime, because that's when she seems to notice the pain the most, but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary. She rocked this one, even better than ever before.

Well done, Elvie.

Well done.


  1. I am very much impressed by little miss Elvie! Thank you for sharing this with us as I know you don't have to. I was looking for updates and wondering how she did! No doubts here though that she would do amazing. Your family inspires me and brings a smile to my face. You all are thought of often. Good luck with her recovery AND with the move!

  2. Awesome job Elvie!! Glad you are home and hope recovery continues to go so well!!

  3. Yay! I was looking for a wonderful Elvie update, and here it is!

  4. very very very happy for you. you are all so blessed.

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