Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Elvie's Thursday Surgery

elvie and her kitty
If that cat weren't so noisy, I'd totally sneak her into the hospital this time.

I suppose one of the perks of being massively stressed out by sorting and packing the house is that there's really no brain space for being massively worried about Elvie's next surgery. All surgery carries risk with it, but Elvie's medical team has proved themselves to be more than competent, and now that we're four surgeries in, I just feel like it's okay. We know what to do. Elvie knows what to do. She's going to be angrier than ever when she wakes up and they want her to keep her pulse oximeter on, but there's not much we can do about that. (I asked if the pulse ox was really necessary last time, and I was told YES.) Dare I say this is old hat? I think when the nurse practitioner calls and says, "Well, you already know all this," and rattles everything off really quickly, you can call it old hat. That happened, so we're pros now. We're legit. We are awesome at surgery.

You may remember that we were hoping that the last surgery would be it for Elvie, that she would be surgery free for years, if not forever. Originally, we had hoped to just leave things as they were for years, and I had secretly hoped that some issues I saw once her incision healed would resolve themselves over time. That didn't happen, and in fact, some things were changing in the opposite way that would be considered optimal. So when this job came up as a possibility for Jarod, we started talking about whether we would want to try to have one more surgery done here. Obviously, we decided that we would.

The level of care that Elvie has received here in San Francisco has been phenomenal. Because her diagnosis is so unusual, it's not something that I can just mention in the GP's office on our first visit in the UK, and automatically have him or her know what Elvie is working with. Add to that the complication that this diagnosis presents differently in each case, and it just seems like a good idea to have what we know needs to be refined taken care of here, by the surgeons who have performed the other surgeries.

Frankly, they did us a huge favor by working us in this week. There really was no other time we could do it and give her enough time to heal between our trip to Kansas City and our move to London. I don't think we could have chosen a team of doctors that would be more responsive to Elvie's needs, and that really shows in the timing of this surgery.

So we are all set for a little surgery on Thursday morning. As always, we would be so grateful for any good thoughts, prayers, wishes, etc. that you would send Elvie's way. Though this surgery is minor, it's still hard to go through it, especially the waking-up-from-anesthesia part. Our hope is that she will heal as quickly as ever, and we can come home with her on Friday. We know that she is strong. We know that she is brave.

So here we go, into surgery with our spunky girl. One more time. Let's all cross our fingers that this time truly is the last time.


  1. Elvie really is awesome, you can just see it in her face.
    Hugs to you all,
    Jane (Adelaide, Australia).

  2. You're all in my prayers for the surgery and the move. I hope both go smoothly. You'll be strolling through London parks before you know it.

  3. Sending you all prayers for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery (with as little hospital time as possible).

  4. Prayers for a smooth day.

    And I'm often struck by how much she has grown in such a short time. :)

  5. Praying the surgery went well this morning and the healing is quickly and you go home tomorrow.

    God bless your family


  6. Hoping it went well and she is healing.


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