Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two Years of Happy Luck

two years ago

Today, we celebrated two years of Elvie being part of our family. The celebration wasn't as big as we'd normally have - usually the honored child gets to choose what to do all day long - but we took a moment nevertheless to reflect on our good fortune in having Elvie as daughter and sister in our family. There was pie, and presents, and then a toddler that did not want to go to bed.

For these past two years, we have borne witness to the miracles that follow a girl who was born with a determined spirit and a joy unmatched by anyone else we know. To say that it is a privilege to be called her family is an understatement. These two years have been incredible. We are blessed and lucky, and our joy runs deep.

Thanks, Elvie, for being willing to be ours. We hope we make you as happy as you have made us.


  1. How has it already been 3 years??!!! Wow! Such a journey!

  2. Astounded at how her little body has changed and her feisty spirit stayed the same. Congrats and love to you all, especially to Zinashi for being a wonderful big sister!

  3. My goodness, is that photo really her???? Wow, she has sure grown! Congratulations. What a sweet tribute.

  4. time flies... golly time flies. love to you all.


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