Adoptive Parenting Resources

Empowered to Connect  We especially find the videos to be helpful.  They're short and very informative, and many give practical solutions.  There is a Christian element to these, but I think they would be useful to anyone parenting children from hard places.

Heart of the Matter Seminars  We used their Because They Waited program to complete our Hague adoption education hours.  The information provided has proven to be very useful to us.

Adoption Learning Partners  They have courses available for so many topics I can't even begin to list all the helpful ones.

Transracial Parenting Project:  Self Awareness Tool  We were required to use this booklet, listed fourth from the bottom of the page, to prepare us for being a transracial family.  We found that a lot of the exercises also helped us anticipate what others' reactions to our family might be.  No family should adopt transracially without serious preparation; this is a good place to start.

Post Institute  Bryan Post offers solutions that work for children with trauma histories, and really, all children.  Watch just the video at the top of the page, and you'll be hooked.

Adoption Awareness in School Assignments is a very useful guide for those of us who have adopted children at older ages. We homeschool, but I think this will still be handy when we are doing things with groups.

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