Zinashi Fashion

September 23, 2011: The Scarf Makes the Outfit

this outfit is pretty much perfection

This is an example of how the things I throw together in a sleepy stupor sometimes work out really well. I hadn't laid out the scarf, but Zinashi saw that I was wearing one and wanted the same. I think it's what makes this outfit really work. She also chose the leopard shoes for the day. Perfect.

Dress by Zutano
Leggings, scarf, and shoes from Target
Cardigan from Old Navy

April 21, 2011: Flowers and Stripes

there's a good smile...finally

the face is what makes the outfit

I bought this shirt at Target for full price, and I couldn't decide if I should keep it or not. I'm usually a clearance girl. But I really love it, and Zinashi really loves it, so I figured, eh, sure. And look how lovely it is on! It's working great on a cool spring day with a top underneath, and will be fantastic on its own for summer. I bought a size up so she can wear it for a long time. I just love it that much.

Top and leggings by Genuine Kids for Target
Boots from Target (Zinashi's choice for today)
Headband by Scunci
Bow from Forever 21

April 14, 2011: Goofing off with a Kangaroo

one more, just one more

This top is meant to be a tunic for 12-18-month-old baby; we bought it in London when we were still doing paperwork, thinking it would be fun to have something for her from our vacation. It's yet another thing we bought before realizing that the girl who was meant to be our daughter was three years old. It's worked great as a shirt, though, and I'll be sad when it won't fit anymore, which will be soon.

Top by Monsoon
Pants by Old Navy
Shoes by Converse for Target
Purse from Gymboree

April 13, 2011: Bubbles on the Porch
where is that bubble going?

I had fantasies of making dresses for Zinashi, but with fabrics this beautiful already sewn up into sweet little dresses at Target, who needs to sew at home? The cut of this dress is such that she can wear it as a tunic even after it's gotten too short to be a proper dress. With all the growing she's doing lately (an inch a month!), this is a lifesaver. In fact, those leggings are meant to be capri length, but we just buy two sizes up and they work great for more than one season.

Dress, leggings, and shoes are all from Target

April 8, 2011: Creepy Easter Animal Fun with O'Mona and Shi-Shi

o'mona and shi-shi tame the turtle

For some reason, Zinashi insists on calling her friend Mona "O'Mona." And let's face it, "Shi-Shi" is way easier for a small mouth to say than "Zinashi." Even Zinashi can't say her own name properly. Here we see her in what I am calling the Partial Tax Refund Dress. I usually wait for things to go on clearance at Target, but both Zinashi and I have been noticing this dress for awhile, so when part of our tax refund was deposited, we just ponied up the $14.99 and bought that sucker. We also bought a neon yellow cardigan to go with it, but it was too alarming to photograph.

Dress by Genuine Kids for Target
Socks and shoes from Target
Necklace was a gift (Thanks, Banana!)
Headband by Scunci
Bow from Urban Mining

April 6, 2011: Birthday Girls Choose Their Own Outfits

zinashi and the anbassa

On her birthday, I let her pick out every single piece of her outfit, whether or not I thought it looked nice or was appropriate to the weather. I think she did a pretty good job. The Starbucks cup was an especially nice touch. (Nothing like some birthday buna for Zinashi AND her Mami.)

Top and shoes from Target
Skirt from The Children's Place
Raincoat by Genuine Kids for Target
Hat is a hand-me-down, and I think it's originally from Gymboree

April 3, 2011: Bunny Rabbit Birthday Party Style

official outfit of the zinashi bunny rabbit birthday party extravaganza

This was her official party wear for her birthday party. I especially love the cheesy fake smile part of the look.

Top and bunny ears by Gymboree
Tutu by Popatu
Leggings were a gift
Sunglasses from Zoom Toy Store (Thanks, Aunt Jessi!)

March 30, 2011: Mix 'n' Match

before the hairdo

Zinashi put this look together herself, and I think she did a marvelous job, even though the dress is on backwards. That dress looks good no matter how you put it on. Extra fun in this outfit: the pants are men's dress shirt sleeves sewn together. Thanks for the crafty clothes, Aunt Tabor!

Dress and cardigan from Old Navy
Pants handmade by Aunt Tabor and Mimi
Shoes and socks from Target

March 10, 2011: Tall and Goofy


Look how long her legs look here! And that dress! I am in love with that dress. Good thing she loves it, too!

Dress by Old Navy
Leggings by The Children's Place
Cardigan by Baby Gap
Shoes, socks, and headband from Target

March 7, 2011: Lounging with Ababi

pretending her phone is an iphone, just like ababi's

This just cracks me up. She is pretending that her phone is an iPhone, and she's wearing a headband because she was just working out to one of my workout videos, and she got the idea that she should wear a headband for workouts. We use the term "working out" very loosely, as it's mostly getting drinks of water and requesting the "lay down" part.

Dress by Baby Gap
Leggings, shoes, and socks from Target
Headband with giant bow was a hand-me-down (We love this kind of hand-me-down!)

February 27, 2011: Galveston Beach Beauty

looking out at the gulf

The nicest parts of this outfit are thanks to a shopping trip to Gymboree with Aunt Rose. Thanks, Aunt Rose!

Dress, hat, cardigan, necklace, and sunglasses from Gymboree
Shoes from Old Navy

February 8, 2011: Shades of Pink

tuesday, february 8, 2011

This is one of my very favorite cold weather combos. It's easy to get a coat on over the little cardi, and the layers keep her warm indoors.

Top, skirt, and boots from Target
Leggings and cardigan from Old Navy

February 1, 2011: Bundled Up to Play Indoors

pretending to go to the store to buy chocolate chips

Well of course you have to bundle up in February in the Midwest...if you're going outdoors. She was only pretending to go out, but she layered up for warmth just the same.

Hat by Jamie Rae Hats
Jacket by Old Navy
Top/dress by Genuine Kids for Target
Headband from Target
Leggings were a gift
Legwarmers (barely visible under leggings) by Agoo
Shoes by Converse for Target
Mismatched adult-sized gloves from Target

January 24, 2011: Halloween in January

little bit o' tummy

show me your kissy face

I bought that top long before I knew she was three years old, when I thought we'd have plenty of time to use it. Well, turns out she was three years old, in size 18-24 months, when we met her, and her exponential growth meant that we didn't have long to use this 24 month top. Same with the leggings/skirt. So I put them on her in January.

Top, leggings/skirt, shoes, and socks from Target
Headband from Urban Mining

January 22, 2011: Raspberry and Orange

raspberry and orange

I love these colors on her, and this kind of wide headband is my favorite.

Bunny rabbit top by Gymboree
Skirt, leggings, and socks from Target
Headband by Baby Gap

January 16, 2011: Too Cool

she's too cool to look my way

She's practicing being aloof for her teen years.

Short-sleeved top by Gymboree
Long-sleeved top from Target
Skirt from Target
Legwarmers by Agoo
Socks by Gymboree (they match the kitty shirt)
Sunglasses from Target dollar bin
Bow from Urban Mining

January 11, 2011: Snow Clothes Are Good for Naps, Too

she insisted on napping like this

For awhile, she was really into putting on her snow pants every single day, whether she was going outdoors or not. I don't see any harm in it, so I let her. And when she wanted to nap in them? Sure. Go ahead.

Snowveralls by London Fog
Shirt by Carter's, from Costco (a gift from Banana)
Leg warmers by Agoo (bamboo, so soft!)
Socks from Target
Hat by Old Navy

January 6, 2011: The Little Chef

zinashi fashion in the kitchen

She loves having her own little kitchen, and spends quite a lot of time "cooking" in there.

Dress by Polkatots from TJMaxx
Shirt by Old Navy, originally a onesie that I serged into a shirt on my friend Erica's serger (Thanks, Erica!)
Jeans by Calvin Klein were a hand-me-down (Dear Calvin, A button on toddler jeans? REALLY? Try snaps. Love, Mary)
Shoes and socks from Target
Hat by Jamie Rae Hats, purchased on Zulily

January 5, 2011: Hands in My Pockets for Extra Coolness

"how do i look with my hands in my pockets?"

Does she look cool or what? Zinashi's favorite thing to wear is a good pair of pants with pockets.

Shirt is actually a 12-18 month dress by Baby Gap
Jeans by Genuine Kids for Target (impulse purchase--worth it!)
Shoes by Converse, from Target
Headband by Baby Gap
Bunny rabbit jacket by Gymboree

January 3, 2011: Dressed to Play with the Felines

too excited to stand still

This is pure Zinashi, both the outfit and the not wanting to stop for a photo. She was using the laser pointer so that the cats could chase it, but hadn't yet figured out that they wouldn't chase it on the ceiling. If only we'd gotten them suction cup booties for Christmas!

Shirt by Target, and was a gift from the Samoffs
Shorts by Geniune Kids for Target
Leg warmers by BabyLegs
Shoes and socks from Target (we love the shoes and now have them in three sizes)
Headband by Goody
Bow from Urban Mining

January 2, 2011: Pink and Grey

pink and grey

She looks cute, even though she's making her angry face because something got put in the closet. Hint to Zinashi: if you aren't naughty, all your toys stay out for you to play with.

Sweater dress was a Christmas gift
Shirt from Target
Leggings from Target, actually part of a different outfit set
Shoes and socks from Target
Headband by Two Stitches

New Year's Day 2011: The Casual Tomboy Nerd Look

the casual tomboy nerd

waiting her turn

Star Wars shirt from Target
Jeans and hoodie are hand-me-downs (and incidentally, both mothers that passed them on are named Stephanie)
Shoes by Converse
Heaband by Goody
Bow from Urban Mining

New Year's Eve 2010


Capri jeans, shoes, and socks by Target
Shirt (featuring magnolias!) by Old Navy
Leg warmers by BabyLegs
Cardigan by Gymboree
Headband by Goody
Bows from Forever 21


  1. Zinashi has the best outfits! I love all her accessories. I'm sure she has a little help from mommy :) ~Amber Wilson

  2. What a fantastic sense of style she has!!! Both of your girls are so Beautiful, their eyes just make my heart melt. Good Luck on your journey with your little ones! My sister in law and her husband are in the process of adopting from Reese's Rainbow, a little boy with down syndrome, we are all very excited and anxious as a family for this little boy to finally have a family.

  3. So many cute looks, but the Raspberry and Orange outfit is catalog-worthy.


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